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Monday, June 15, 2009

We have reached the TOP 10!

We have finally made it into the NAG's top 10! This means that a referral might be imminent. I have really tried not to get too worked up about timing prior to now, but it is beginning to feel real! The boys seem particularly excited now; I think they have been happy about the decision to adopt from day one, but it was a very abstract concept for them. It must seem more real to them now because they are beginning to ask more questions about referrals and time lines, etc. They will be such good big brothers. Both have such different things to offer a sister! Reilly will be nurturing and sweet; he will be the brother that helps change diapers, holds her hand as she learns to walk, practices her alphabet, etc. Colby will teach her how to LAUGH; he is an expert in the field. He is simply innately funny, and loves to make others laugh. He is busy with a capital B and has more fun in an hour than most of us do in a week. I wonder if she will be cautious and reserved like Reilly or wild and carefree like Colby. Hmmmm

We are headed to Boston tomorrow to see my brother and his awesome wife and kids. He got us a box at Fenway for the Red Sox game against the Braves. I am not sure anything could excite Reilly more! We can't wait. We'll get to catch up with some old friends as well. So, I probably won't check our YG as much (although it is so nice that I can check from my phone!) so I hope lots of folks pass court and there are more referrals this week!

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