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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok, now I am humbled...

Have you ever been that person that was in a crowd and just as you said something slightly off color the crowd hushed or the music stopped... but you continued to blurt out something about your Aunt Edna's giant rear end... and then you just felt foolish?

I whined on this post earlier, having my own little pity party - since it is all about me, right? Then I logged onto the YG and saw that all 4 families with court cases today failed and my heart just broke for them. If they don't get a court date quickly, they will get stuck in the court closure and take even longer than the many months it has taken! This abandonment issue has really taken a toll on the families and children involved - and I really hope it is cleared up soon!

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  1. So what does that mean for the families? Is their adoption process over completely or just delayed? Either way - I can't imagine!