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Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflecting on a Good Day

I am an optimist. I see the negative, I deal with the negative, but I do not let the negative - at least in most intances - bog me down and break my spirit. As I see it, my life has always worked out, so why shouldn't I be an optimist?

Today was one of those days where I realized how much I love my job. Seriously - I LOVE my job. The pace of the day was a bit frenetic, and I had a million things I had to do; I did not get all one million done. But, what did get done made my heart happy. As I have mentioned before, I am the director of a program for students with significant learning differences - bright kids who struggle in a traditional classroom for a wide variety of reasons. Today we had our first official faculty meeting. I say official because my core full time staff works all summer and we talk and collaborate every day, so we have very few "official" meetings. But we have several new part time folks because our program is expanding. I feel so honored to work with the incredible group of people that teach these kids every day. They are SMART, kid-centered, innovative, hard working and fun. They are true team players who have the best interests of kids at heart. They are self-less and tireless and I respect each and every one. We laugh a lot - it is an easy trust that has grown among us, and for that I am grateful.

But today was about the families we help. I had two different parents cry tears of joy in my office as we determined how exactly we could help their children. Is there any greater reward than looking into the eyes of a parent who feels like they have finally found an answer to one of their prayers? When they say with gratitude that we have changed the course of their child's life forever? Really, this is my JOB. How cool is that????

So, anyway, I was up most of the night - which is rare for me. I am a "gifted" sleeper!!! But I think the day was so busy that I just couldn't process it all and needed to work through it on a subconscious level. Today is another busy morning, then I take the field hockey team to a tournament overnight. I have great girls, and we plan to play laser tag after the game, so it will be a lot of fun. Again - my job. HA!

We are now number 2 on the adoption list. MAYBE we will get the call soooooooooooon!!!!!!!

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