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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wow, It Is September 1st!

I am not really sure where August went. The scorching humidity enveloped the start of the field hockey season, the school doors opened and welcomed back the faculty, my boys prepared for kindergarten and second grade, and well, the month disappeared. It passed without a baby girl referral and I have solemnly held my # 2 place in line. Truthfully, there were days that were so busy, that had AWAA called with our referral, my head might have exploded. It would have been a lot to deal with. Now, that being said, I would have managed! But, now I am ready. I am sensing in Dennis a longing that he is really ready too. That makes me really happy. It has been tough to start another school year and have to answer the "when are you getting your baby" questions - with the pitiful response of, "I have no idea".

We are hosting an exchange student from Finland for the school year. My boys are loving having Lauri with us. He is a great kid and has filled in the "big brother" role quite nicely. Hopefully before Thanksgiving we will have baby girl home - how fun to have 4 kids with us for the holidays!

Well, back to work. :)

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