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Monday, September 21, 2009

So Begins Month 11...

Today is September 21, 2009. Exactly 11 months ago our paperwork went overseas to Ethiopia. I would say the first 7 months didn't seem too bad. I didn't expect a referral in that time, so I didn't have my hopes up, and thus life moved along. In July, there was a flurry of referrals, so I started to get really excited. In fact, it looked like a July referral was a possibility, so Dennis and I debated a trip for me and Reilly - in August, before school started - to meet the little one, knowing that we would get caught in court closures so we wouldn't get to bring her home until October - at best. Well, here we are in the eve of September, still waiting on that referral. There is one family ahead of us, who is about 3 weeks ahead in process, so I know their hearts are hurting! Each day now is such a swirl of emotions. I wake up excited, nervous and ready to jump out of my seat when the phone rings, I fall asleep each night a little sad that it didn't happen. I know I have been cranky and out of sorts - more withdrawn then normal. One one hand it is easy to just say "things happen for a reason - it is all in God's timing" - which I do totally believe, but it is another to live it patiently. Patience is not a gift I was endowed with in mass quantities (there are other ways in which I am not well endowed too...:) I am beginning to nest - I cleaned out closets and the pantry. Now, I am thinking about new furniture for her room...

hopefully soon. :)

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  1. Kristen,

    We were just a couple of days shy of 11 months waiting and I remember the pain completely...some days it seemed unbearable. Finally, one day I sat down and had a really long, hard cry. Our adoption journey had already been almost 3 years long and I was so weary. God spoke to my heart on that day I made a commitment to get away from the YG and to quit checking my phone each time it rang. I actually almost missed our referral call because I was about to ignore my call when my mind said, "Look, it could be Terra his time" and it was! I'm praying for you!

    Erica R.