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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two more Sleeps Until I Go...

I miss the days when my boys counted the time until an event by "sleeps". They would mark time until birthdays, special Grampy visits, Christmas, etc. by determining how many nights they had to go to bed before they got to wake up on the big day. Two more sleeps and I will be heading to Ethiopia. How cool is that??? It is going to be a very long trip in terms of time in airports and on planes. I have tried not to think about that part! Oddly, the hardest part was getting a decent flight from NC to NYC. I have a crazy layover in NYC in both directions! I am still trying to figure out in country transportation once in Ethiopia. I am a bit nervous about trying to navigate my way. My hubby would be so good (and will be when we go back), but since he isn't coming, it will be me and Jennifer. It could be ugly! I look forward to taking pictures of some other AWAA families' children and bringing care packages. I guess I just have no idea what to expect on so many levels. It hasn't really sunk in that in a few days I will be holding Samantha. So many friends have told me how worried they are about me leaving her behind - and how I will deal with that emotionally. I have been trying to self protect by telling myself that it will help her transition to meet me for a few days before I go back to take her from the only world she has known. We'll see how that goes.

It looks like I will have internet access at the hotel. I will try to post. I will at least do a few facebook updates. Oooooh, I can't wait. I was weighing my bags last night. It is amazing how much 50 pounds of donations really is. It is a lot of formula and wipes and diaper cream, etc. The suitcases are jam packed! I can't wait to help them fill their shelves with what they need. :)

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