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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

18 Days of Thanksgiving...

Today I am thankful for many things. Topping the list is that I work at an amazing school where my children are fortunate to attend. Yesterday we had the school wide Thanksgiving program. The three student speakers were impressive and their words heart felt, as each described very personal experiences that have left them full of gratitude. The program ended with a mob dance for all the kids in kindergarten through 6th grade! It was unbelievable! So cool. Today each of my boys had Thanksgiving feasts. They were cute and in each of their classrooms they said what they were thankful for. Colby said he was thankful for animals, bugs, and his family. (bugs? really??? They are NOT on my list!) Reilly said, "I am thankful for... EVERYTHING." Most kids I would say that answer was the easy way out, but Reilly is amazingly gracious, so I have a feeling he simply couldn't decide how to prioritize. Both boys looked so happy to have both mommy and daddy at their classroom parties.

It got me thinking... what am I grateful for? I, too, struggle to prioritize the list. I have happy, healthy, smart little boys who are amazing individuals. Each warms my heart in such different ways. I have a husband who continuously strives to work hard as a man, a father, a husband, and a friend. I have a father who raised me to be confident and strong, but to accept the love and nurturing of others. I have siblings who live very far away, but who I feel close to. I have a network of friends, both near and far, who are supportive, kind, and wonderful. I have a daughter, though still so very far away, who has already stolen my heart. While there are so many other "things" I am grateful for, the people in my life definitely top the list.

In 18 days the Ethiopian courts will hear Samantha's case. (ok, supposedly in 18 days, but that is a Saturday, so really, we have no idea when the case will be heard, which is totally freaking me out, but I am trying to remain positive...) That puts us half way between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess I can add that I am grateful to have the distractions of the holidays during this time of wait. I am struggling with my inability to control this situation, so I suppose distraction is the best I can hope for. I am pledging to focus more than ever on my boys - who are doing so well with all of this, but who undoubtedly feel a little inner turmoil over the addition of a sibling. I'd like to use the time to amp up my fitness level and clean up my eating (not so easy during the holidays!). But most of all, I NEED to focus on my gratitude. I am one lucky lady.

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