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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Chaos

So... it is late Tuesday afternoon. Dennis has been out of town since Saturday morning. In that time we have had two baseball games, the Prom, a birthday party, and a play date. The dishwasher has broken, the laundry is piling up, and the dog peed on the carpet. I will now admit, I have a new respect for my husband. See, all along I thought I was the glue that kept our family together. I mean, the guy loses his keys on a daily basis... he is a lot of work to keep up with. But alas, I must now admit we are far stronger as a team! I owe him more credit than I have offered in the past. I also have an untappable respect for single moms. I really don't know how they do it! I am exhausted and counting the minutes until he gets home tonight.

Now... that isn't to say it has been all bad. The kids and I (and both dogs) all slept in my room for the past three nights, and it has been so much fun. Samantha had a look of pure glee each night as she realized we were all in there together. She slept in bed with me and the boys in sleeping bags on the floor. Humorously enough, Betty (dog) joined us in bed and Harold slept on the floor. I guess it was a boy/girl thing! The look on her face when she woke up and saw me right next to her melted my heart. Just this slow grin that took over her sweet face - nothing better. Sam is turning out to have quite a little personality. I think she will be my "wild" child. She has a sense of humor for sure. She has formed an alliance with Ugly Harold, our 1 year old boxer mix who is constantly getting into trouble. Yesterday I caught her opening the front door and yelling "Aaroooold" and watching him run out the door (we have a fenced in BACK YARD - NOT front yard) and clapping as he ran off! Then, later I caught her in the pantry scooping dog food and putting it in Harold's bowl. She had such a mischievous little grin that I couldn't help but laugh. The dog will be as fat as can be before we know it.

She seems to have an absolute love of life. What a gift. At Reilly's baseball game she indicated she wanted to wear her back pack diaper bag. It was pretty heavy, but I put it on her and she labored trying to walk with it on (and fell and looked just like a turtle, which was cracking me up). She was so stubborn and was not going to give up. I love that about her. She knows what she wants and she will accomplish it. I also love that her brothers completely delight in her. I have been really proud of them. They fight with each other constantly, but they are very sweet to her.

well... the boys will be done with school soon. Dennis will be home tonight. Phew...

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