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Friday, April 16, 2010

I am still amazed...

On a daily basis I find myself in awe of Samantha, my boys, and the ease of the blending of our family. Samantha is the happiest, easiest chunk of cuteness imaginable! The pace at which our family lives is daunting to many, but she just jumped right in and is leading the pack! No matter where we go, people stop to meet her. It might be because she waves to everyone she sees - won't say a word to them, nor will she let them hold her (which secretly makes me really happy), but she waves and if she really likes them will blow them a kiss! She is so much fun to dress, so she is always in an adorable outfit (the kid's closet is ridiculous! She is blessed with many "aunties" who love to bring her cute clothes!) The boys are great with her and love showing her off at school. Colby is still having the occasional adjustment issue, so we are trying to make some one on one opportunities for him so he feels like he is getting some quality time with one or both of us. Reilly seems to be adjusting easily, which doesn't surprise us.

I am struggling a bit with being back at work. This is new for me, as I stayed home with each of my boys for 4.5 months, but was very ready to go back to work, and quite honestly, felt like a better mother for doing so. I am lucky to have a great schedule, so I really can work the hours the big boys are in school and be home with them the rest of the time, but even that is hard. She is really fun!! She is spending time with Grandma, so that is awesome. We are lucky to have that! I am trying to work half days, but sometimes those get stretched... I really love my job, so it does pull me in several directions, but I wish I could spend even more time with her.

I am growing increasingly used to living in a house that is cluttered and messy. I don't like it, but I am growing used to it. It just seems like there is stuff on every surface of the house! Now, I had a really rough week at work and came home yesterday to a clean house! My husband had worked his butt of and put everything in its place and cleaned! Talk about a good guy!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know how to describe how happy I was!

Well... I am very glad it is a Friday and my boys will barge into my office in about 20 minutes ready to jump in the car and go home (well, swing by Grandma's first to get Sam). It is beautiful outside so I am ready to get out of this suit and put on some flip flops. (not just flip flops, because that would be creepy).

Ahhhhh. Feeling insanely lucky at the moment. :)

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  1. I am so with you on having to learn to live with clutter! We are so busy as well, and with 7 people in a small house, there's always laundry or school papers, or toys everywhere!!!
    Her beach pictures are adorable! So glad you're all adjusting so well.