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Monday, December 14, 2009


We did not pass. Not only did we not pass, we have to start over - sort of. Apparently the orphanage switched at least two kids during the intake process. So... our "8 month old" who clearly wasn't an 8 month old really wasnt - it wasn't even her correct paperwork. So, the birthdad listed showed up for court and basically said "that is not my kid". After a little investigation, it became clearer (still fairly muddy) that none of the paperwork was my little girls' (except her weight - the one thing they apparently got right). Apparently she has a living birthmother, but the father is unknown. Now they have to retest her, get her paperwork straight, get a new court date assigned, get a new letter from MOWA, contact and find the mother, and get her to court. And a judge has to show up, and show up in a good mood.

My poor baby has been called by the wrong name for the last 4 months. Her whole world was turned upside down, and no one could even comfort her by the correct name. That is killing me. I don't even know what her birth name is. I don't know a single thing about her... except that I have held her, and kissed her, and in my last moments with her in November, she called me mama and gave me a kiss on the lips. Thankfully, god brought me to her in November...

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  1. Wow. I am so sorry to hear this. I pray everything will get "fixed" quickly and that you can bring sweet Sam home soon.