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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And the Countdown Begins!!!

9 days. 9 days until we board a plane and head to Africa. YIPEE. Ok, so we don't really have confirmed travel, but we booked it and we are going. Naturally I have been excited for months, but this morning I woke up at 5 am and immediately my brain starting thinking about Samantha and logistics and packing, etc. This weekend I finished her room. It is so cute! It is very girlie - which is a welcome addition in our home. Two boys, a husband, and a teenaged male exchange student. This lady is ready for some girl power. I had a very sweet conversation with my 6 year old last night. He was in my lap cuddled under a blanket watching TV. I commented on how our dog Betty gets very jealous whenever I pet Harold and Betty tries to climb in my lap. I told Colby that Samantha will likely take a lot of lap time at first, and that she won't have the words to express her own jealousy. Colby teared up a little and said, "How long will she get your lap?" I told him that he does have the words to tell me he is jealous, and it is perfectly ok to admit - and that if I know he is feeling jealous, I can ask Daddy and Reilly to help a little more with Samantha so that I can make room in my lap for Colby. His quiet little smile was adorable. He is already having some adjustment issues - he has been extra clingy lately. I am a little stressed about leaving him behind for the week, although I know it is the best thing for him. He will have a ball with Grampy, his favorite person!

So... tickets are booked, packing has begun and will be 80% this weekend. Now I am attending to details... I cannot wait to squeeze my girl!

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