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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still Waiting...

We are still waiting for travel confirmation. The US Embassy has not yet told our agency which visas will be issued the week of March 1st. Another day passes and we can't book tickets. We are supposed to leave in 16 days. I would REALLY like to book those tickets.

On a positive note, I had a proud mommy moment. Our oldest son, Reilly, is a sweetheart. He is so very bright, but struggles with focus and organization. His teacher emailed and said that he lost his spelling notebook and his homework folder, etc. She also mentioned he had a verbal altercation on the playground that upset him. I was scolding him for not telling me he lost the notebook (and mad at myself for not buying 10 of them in August, knowing full well he would lose a few...) and he was getting upset - he is extremely tenderhearted. I asked what happened on the playground, and he explained that the class "bully" was being mean to another one of the boys (the only boy in the class who is not REALLY into sports). Reilly stood up to the bully and told him he was being mean and told him to stop! I WAS SO PROUD. How cool is it that my 8 year old felt the confidence to stand up for what is right. That is so hard. I just finished reading Jodee Blanco's book "Please Stop Laughing At Me" and my own son demonstrated the entire lesson of the book. Yay Reilly. If you haven't read the book - do so. It is fantastic. I will require all of the students in the program I run, as well as all of the field hockey players I coach, to read it. All middle and high school students should read it. Kids are so cruel and this book really makes one think.

Anyway, here is to hoping tomorrow brings confirmed travel dates!

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