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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Step Forward... Two Steps Back...

In our two year process of adopting sweet Samantha, there have been many procedural and/or process changes invoked by the Ethiopian government as well as the US Embassy in Ethiopia. We have literally been 2 weeks behind on every single one of them - so each and every one has affected our case. Seriously - it is like going on a cross country trip and hitting every red light encountered. So very frustrating! Right now we have tentative dates to travel Feb. 26- March 6th, but we can't book our tickets because the US Embassy can't confirm that we will have a visa appointment that week. It is in 3 weeks! I have so much to do before we travel (including lining up child care, which involves flying my dad in for two weeks, which he would like a little prep time to plan for!). I feel badly for our agency staff - I know it is not their fault, and I end up bugging them to no end. But really? How can the US Embassy in Ethiopia be so poorly run? Really, the inefficiency is baffling.

At this point, I am aching to go. We are so close, and I just want to book those tickets!!!!

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