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Thursday, February 11, 2010

To Book, or Not to Book... that is the Question...

I just held tickets on Emirates airlines for Feb 26 - March 6th. They were willing to do this until Monday at noon. There is a good chance we still will not have travel confirmed by then, but if we don't book them, the price jumps and availability becomes increasingly limited. I have had a knot in my stomach all day. What do we do? The US Embassy is being completely illogical; they want to review the paperwork on families sent for visa's two weeks prior to appointments. The agency won't confirm travel until these documents have been approved and confirmed. This would mean that all future families could get as little as a week's notice on travel. How devastated will families be if flights are full? This just seems so ridiculous. I feel bad because I know we are putting undo pressure on our agency, and they are not controlling this policy, but it is so hard to sit back and wait.

so... do I take the leap and book them and assume it will all work out? That is the way I am leaning, but it makes me a little nervous. aghhhhhh There really is not enough chocolate in the world for this.

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