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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving Forward

I am still on cloud 9... I have a daughter! She has certainly felt like a daughter for many months, but now she's ours for real! My husband picked up the dresser I am having refinished and I am ready to head to the store for paint. I simply couldn't make myself do it before we passed court. I have so many things to get ready in her room; it has literally all been sitting in bags! She has an incredible wardrobe already (buying girl clothes is REALLY fun) but now I am in the mode of gathering practical items. I went to baby gap this weekend and bought a bunch of socks. It is amazing how purchasing socks could delight me so much! (I also just spent 100 dollars on Carol's Daughter hair products!!! Shhhh, don't tell my husband!)

We still don't have TTD's, but I am guessing we will travel the first week of March. It is a bummer that the Embassy is now only allowing 10 children to pass through on any given day, since we would likely have travelled the week of Feb 15th otherwise. We actually have a few days off of school that week, which would have been great since Reilly wouldn't miss so much. It would also allow us to travel to Phoenix at the end of March. I think I will have to table that if we have only been home for a couple of weeks. It might be too much for her to deal with.

Last night I had a really odd dream. I was on a school bus with my family and a bunch of kids. A nanny came on board with a beautiful little girl and the kids on the bus started cheering because Samantha was being handed over to me. I looked at Dennis because it wasn't actually her - it was a different child. I immediately took her in my arms and Dennis leaned over and whispered "It's ok, we'll love her and Sam too". I know where this stems from - given our journey and the bumps along the road, but it was funny that this is still apparently a latent fear in my subconscious.

Anyway, we are just so happy and ready to have cute Samantha home! This part of the wait is harder than waiting for the referral. The wait for court was the worst, by far, as it had so much fear of the unknown embedded in it. Now, it is pure and simple impatience. She is ours and I want to hug and kiss and squeeze her. :)

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